How time flies… The fantastic GoGoGorillas trail in Norwich was a huge success – having started well by running out of the initial 100,000 print run of trail maps in the first week!

The trail has proven inspirational in many ways – and the “Tweeting Gorillas” have enjoyed much popularity too, to the extent that the EDP published an article all about them:  Norwich gorillas go ape on Twitter.

The GoGoGorillas have also provided artistic inspiration to many: we were delighted to be sent pictures of our two sponsored gorillas – Earnest and Hide & Seek – drawn by the talented 9 year-old Alfie.


Earnest, being a dapper fellow with refined tastes, has even inspired a cocktail! The Norwich Cocktail Club have invented a banana daiquiri cocktail called “The Earnest” in his honour.

The event has engendered an amazing positivity and community spirit in Norwich, but we should not forget the wonderful charity behind the event, Break Charity.
Break have a vision to ensure children, young people and families reach their full potential and shape their own futures in a safe and creative environment.
To achieve that end, they provide a range of services for young people in care and moving on from care, children with disabilities, support to families, and children at risk. This is hugely important work that can and does change lives for the better.

Now the trail has ended, the fabulous gorillas are being auctioned on Thursday 3rd October and funds raised will benefit Break, as well as the Born Free Foundation, the event partners.

The gorillas have all been spruced-up (and lovingly repaired where necessary) ready for this event, and are now on display for the next few days in the Forum in Norwich.


We are delighted – and proud – to be the auction guide sponsors for this event, and even if you can’t provide a new home for a gorilla, the auction guide is a wonderful souvenir to keep.

If you are interested in bidding for a gorilla (they are very low maintenance – and sufficiently weatherproof to be a great outdoor feature), advance bids can be made via the GoGoGorillas website, as well as on the night itself.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this wonderful project and fund-raising endeavour, and are looking forward to continuing our support of the valuable work done by Break Charity.

More photos from the Go Go Gorillas trail can be found on our Facebook page.

And our two “Tweeting Gorillas” are still chatting away on Twitter (there’s even a gorilla wedding on the cards for Hide & Seek):

Earnest on Twitter

Hide & Seek (Gloria) on Twitter