On 21st June, GoGoDragons will land in the streets of Norwich. The 84 characterful dragons and 100 schools’ baby dragons will blaze a public art trail across Norwich to both raise vital funds for Break charity and allow all ages to enjoy interactive art – there really is a dragon for everyone.

To find out more about the dragons, the artists that created them, the sponsors and Break charity, please download the trail map.

You can find the dragons and Break team on twitter #GGD15 and join in the conversation on #DRAGONHOUR, Monday 9.30-10.30 pm.

Aspiration Europe is proud to be a Supporting Partner for GoGoDragons & sponsors of Dragon McFly (@GoGoDragonMcFly), as well as co-sponsors of Cavell (@CavellDragon) and members of the Friends of Iceni collective sponsoring King Tut (@GoGoKingTut).