AE is expanding as demand for specialist IFRS advice and outsourced management accounting grows.   In spite, or perhaps due to, the somewhat unforgiving economic climate, we are finding that companies are embracing bringing in flexible specialist expertise to support growth.   The last few months have been particularly busy; with audit-season for some of our bigger clients and some fun new projects and collaborations in the pipeline…more about those coming soon.

Cambridge is an energising place, and we are pleased to be providing practical IFRS transition support and advice to local companies as well as nationally.   We enjoy participating in local business events and the recent Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce B2B exhibition proved a great opportunity to meet other local companies.  The general feeling from the event was one of cautious optimism and a focus on collaboration to open up further avenues for growth.

Although working in a traditional industry, we are a thoroughly modern company.  We promote flexible working and use cloud computing solutions to ensure that we can (and do) work almost anywhere, and at any time – a welcome bonus for clients with overseas operations and audit deadlines.   We are proud of the ethos and culture of AE and are inspired by a very successful manufacturer and pioneer of good employee relations and working conditions…

“But if each man could have his own house, a large garden to cultivate and healthy surroundings – then, I thought, there will be for them a better opportunity of a happy family life.”

George Cadbury, 1898.

The Cadbury brothers are renowned for their creation of a model village for their factory workers in Bournville.

Now, we’re not really planning on building villages but we do appreciate all things good business, and chocolate…

AE exhibition at B2B

Launching our new AE brand, and delicious chocolate-inspired prize draw at the Cambridgeshire B2B exhibition

We are firm believers in making your systems and processes work for you. The next Journal Entry (sic) will highlight practical considerations as you approach the thorny task of changing and scaling accounting software.